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Ace Deuce Bail Bonds has been trusted in bail bonds and legal representation for over a decade.

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Our Proven Track Record

Count on us for comprehensive guidance and fast, dependable service, every time.

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Choose Ace Deuce Bail Bonds to secure your fast and fair release from custody.

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Fast, Reliable, Trustworthy

Welcome to Ace Deuce Bail Bonds, where our three core values drive our mission to provide top-notch bail bond services. We pride ourselves on our fast response times, reliable service, and trustworthy reputation.

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--- About Us ---

Unlocking Freedom Together

Ace Deuce Bail Bonds believe that freedom should never be out of reach. So, we help you or your loved one regain your freedom and start rebuilding your life.

--- Ace Deuce Bail Bonds services ---

Freedom, Relief, Security

Ace Deuce Bail Bonds understands the importance of security and commits to provide you sense of freedom and relief during your time of legal trouble. 

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Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Get your loved ones out of jail and bring them back home with our compassionate and efficient domestic violence bail bonds service.

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When someone is charged with drug crime, their first concern is to get out of jail. We offers fast and reliable bail bonds for drug crimes.


DUI bail bonds

Don’t let a DUI charge keep you behind bars, contact us today for swift and confidential DUI bail bonds assistance.

Free Bail Consultation

Consultation with our agents is always free. Get advice on the best bail option for you.

Application Process

We review application thoroughly and approve bond application promptly

Client Communication

We provide fast responses and updates throughout entire process.

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Quick Bail Assistance

Ace Deuce Bail Bonds provides speedy and efficient bail bond services to individuals in need of urgent help.

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24/7 Bonds Support

Our team of agents offers 24/7 support to assist you in your bail bonds requirements.

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Affordable Bail Options

Our flexible payment plans ensure that you can post bail and return to your daily life without financial burden.

--- Get Bail ---

Secure Your Release

When you’re in a pinch, Ace Deuce Bail Bonds has your back. Our team of experienced agents works around the clock to get you out of jail quickly and discreetly. 

With a focus on safety and security, you can trust us to help you navigate the legal system and secure your freedom. Call us today for reliable bail services.

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--- Reviews ---

What Customers Says about us

Nicole Kahele-Burns

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! A loved one arrested, in general is a highly emotional and stressful situation. Trying to bail a loved one out often feels impossible. Until today! I'm haven't even finished the process but David and his wife have been amazing and gone above and beyond when a handful of others wouldn't even return my calls due to the low bond amount! I'm pregnant and live in another county so the stress and anxiety were at an all time high. The level of patience and compassion shown when going thru the process have truly been something I won't forget.

tc martin

Ace Deuce Bail Bonds will always be my go to if i’m ever in another situation (praying i never am again lol) where i need to be bailed out or know someone who does I will always recommend them! They have what most bail bonds lack; compassion!! They were not money hungry and did not just leave me there to rot because I couldn’t afford all of what I needed at the time ($75,000 bail) David really worked with me on my payment after my unexpected arrest for a warrant I knew nothing about. He came and got me within an hour & I was released that night! Because of him I was able to go home and hug my children and go back to work the next day. Truly a blessing and I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with him!!

Trevon Moen

Acr Duece Bail Bonds is one of the best bail bondsmen i have worked with. I highly advise people to give them a call if you or a loved one is in a situation. Ace Duece Bail Bonds is very reasonable and understanding with you as long as you pay and communicate with them, i highly recommend Ace Duece as a go too.

Cassandra Harman

Dave is AWESOME! He made this experience much easier on me! A very trustworthy and knowledgeable man! He definitely made things a lot better for being I’m clear across the country and he kept my mind at ease! He was willing to travel for us, set up rides for my brother, and help me with a lawyer! He made of all this scary situation more comfortable and easier to deal with! No matter what time i messaged him he always got right back to me, offered the best advice i could ask for! Dave truly is a great person and a blessing to my family. He has helped us in ways no other person would in our situation! I can’t say thank you enough! I highly recommend Dave and Ace, deuce bail bonding!

Marykathryn Marion

Most professional in this industry. Dave treated me and my needs with such great care and concern. He was reassuring through our the entire process. He took all of my personal and financial needs in to consideration when reaching an agreement to help us. Our situation was not only unique but complicated. He never gave up and stayed by my side through the entire thing. I felt more like family then a business transaction. With his professionalism a d his knowledge he made a scary and terrible situation into a pleasant one. I couldn't have gotten through this time without his assistance and care. You will not be disappointed when choosing ace deuce bail bonds.

Save Your Freedom Today!

Providing fast and reliable bail bond services for those in need. Trust Ace Deuce Bail Bonds to help you regain your freedom!